Who we are


During the early 50’s the Rachtian family moved to Milan, Italy, where they continued with success the business started in Teheran, Iran, by the head of the family: oriental and Persian rugs trade, becoming the only importer for the Italian market.

During this decade HoushangRachtian, 4th of seven kids, started  his international studies at the most prestigious colleges of London and Zurich.


After completing his studies and after living and working as an art trader in New York for one year, HoushangRachtiancame back to Italy and started to manage, together with his father, the family business in the city center of Venice.

The famous “Street of the Antique Dealers” of Venice, “Via XXII Marzo”, became the first Venetian headquarter of the Rachtian family.

During the first years of business, they traded antiques, oriental and Persian rugs only with dealers.



During the early 70’s HoushangRachtian started to organize several antiques exhibitions by the most exclusive Venetian locations such as “Palazzo Grassi”  on the Grand Canal, the Zitelle Church at the island of Giudecca and many others.

Thanks to these prestigious exhibitions HoushangRachtian became a point of reference of the finest Antiques in Venice, gaining also the qualification of Art Appraiser of the Court and the Chamber of Commerce of Venice.


During the early 80’s HoushangRachtian launched the important and big showroom of “Campo San Luca”, three floors of  exhibition and sale of antiques, oriental and Persian rugs.

During those years MrRachtianstarted to hold  Antiques Auctions in the main cities of the north of Italy, also for many Charitable organizations such as “Italian Red Cross”, “Children of Bosnia”, “Anfas” and “Italian research association for Alzheimer”.

Antiquariato Rachtian Houshang


In 1999 HoushangRachtian started the conservative restauration of the “Tiepolo Palace” in Cannaregio, Venice, which became and still is one of the current locations of the “RachtianHoushangVenice” business company and a showroom for the exhibition and sale of precious and unique pieces of antiques such as paintings, silverware, bronzes, jewelry, oriental and Persian rugs, furniture from every era, chandeliers and Murano glass.


In 2013 HoushangRachtian started a new conservative restauration by his shop in “CalleFrezzeria”, few steps away from St. Mark’s square in Venice.

The shop in “Frezzeria” is one of the current locations of the “RachtianHoushang Venice” business company and also showroom for the exhibition and sale of the finest antiques such as silverware, antique jewelry, bronzes, furniture, paintings, chandeliers and Murano glass.

The “RachtianHoushang Venice” is also specialized in unique Jewish items collections.


Shop antiquariato rachtian Houshang Venice