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Houshang Rachtian


Houshang Rachtian comes from a family who knows and sells precious and oriental carpets since many generations. He moved to Italy when he was almost a child, he studied in Geneve and London and came back to Milan afterwards to rejoin his family specialized on the sale of exquisite persian and oriental antique carpets. Today, in Venice, Houshang Rachtian and his family created Palazzo Tiepolo and the Frezzeria Shop, two starting point for a journey also on the precious world of Antiques.


Houshang Rachtian and his family invite you to spend a day among beauty of ancient dreams and they will be your expert guides into the amazing world of the most exquisite antiques and in an itinerary that, crossing the big cities of Persia: Tabriz, Kashan, Esfahan up to Caucasus and China will make you know the secrets of the antique and new oriental Rug, together with precious and antique Venetian manufactures.


Palazzo Tiepolo and the shop in Frezzeria: two places, two milestones on a journey,a day spent in the midst of something rarely found: beauty.